Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top Favorites

Here are my top favorites of 2010!

Top Five IBS Tips

Here's a catalog of IBS-friendly and unfriendly foods,
contributed by friendly IBS bloggers!!!

My Top Five IBS-Friendly Foods
Sweet potatoes and squashes
Kale chips
Green Smoothies
Raw Kraut and Kimchi Salads

Remember my horrible UTI???
I know, we'd all rather forget. HA!

Here are some of the awesome tips I got for fighting UTIs!

Top Five Favorite Herbal Teas

Lavender - Scullcap - Passionflower
For sleep

Peppermint - Eucalyptus
For sinus headaches

Hot Pink Tummy Tea
For Acidy Stomachs

Echinacea - Nettles - Raspberry Leaf
A daily lady tonic

Nettles - Elderflower - Licorice Root
For sore throats

Here is a massive post of blogger recipes!!!
Raw bread! Raw crackers! Cashew cheese!

Top Five Market Favorites
365 Almond Milk
Kallari Chocolate
GT's Kombucha


Thank you blogger friends for a wonderful year! I wish you a healthy fart-free 2011! Let's keep truckin' towards happy bodies and happy souls.


Iris said...

Happy New Year! I'm going to add this to my top ten link love list.

Lori said...

Mmmmm Socca!! My favorite!

Raw Kraut and Kimchi Salads is awesome too. And I'm going to have to try out some of those teas- especially the sleepy-time one. My brain runs about 500 miles a minute, especially at night. That might help. ;)

Happy New Year to you!

Chantal said...

Thanks for the end of year post! I've been really curious about trying out that infamous Socca recipe and your post was just the motivating factor I need! yummmm... Happy New Year!

Twins said...

Great post friend!!

You know we love kraut, kombucha, eat light in the morning, and socca lovers!!

Pure2raw twins

Heather said...

hope you have a super awesome new year without UTIs, colds, or farts....well some farts, some farts are good farts ;)

'Drea said...

Nice list and nice way to look back.

Happy New Year to ya...

eileen said...


Just stumbled on your FANTASTIC blog!!!! Could you please add the link for your blog going directly into our email inbox whenever you post? You mention you take medicinal herbs ~ could you PLEASE name a few. Also what are some of your favorite pro IBS restaurants in the Philly or South Jersey area? Thank you so much and have a great STRESS FREE 2011

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said...

Happy New Year! I know, right...SOCCA! I love the stuff! I swear chickpea flour makes the best waffles too! Great list. Now I have to go through and make all this stuff. I hope this is a great year for you!