Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm Falling For You

This past month, I hurt myself once a week.

It's a common theme in my life. I come from a long line of clumsy women. I've written about this before.

But these hurts were not minor hurts. These were in-need-of-antibiotics, call-out-of-work hurts.

First - the Sacony!

I was swimming in the Sacony creek with Classy Poppy one afternoon. Smarty Farty went into the creek with flip flops on. Smarty Farty tripped and her shin went down on a rock.

The rock gouged a hole in my shin.

It would not stop bleeding.

Two days later, I could not walk. Even though the cut did not look bad, the lack of leg use definitely scared me. So I went to my local urgent care center.

As it turned out, I had a bad infection. See the sunburn-colored skin? That's the infection.

There was nothing I could do but take antibiotics.

Now that the cut is healing, there's a terrific scar blossoming. Snotty Boy suggested vitamin E. Two applications and the purple hole began to close up and look a more normal pink color. Thanks Snotty Boy.

On my next adventure, I was playing wiffle ball at Wide Ass. Wide Ass is my pal's estate, a lovely enclave in the woods on the side of Hawk Mountain.

FG playing piano at Wide Ass

I was first baseman. One of my girlpals was at bat. She smacked the ball right to me. As I was bending over to catch it, I caught her hip in my face.

A week later, a door surprised me by clocking me on the other side of my head.

So for about two weeks, alternating sides of my head were bumpy, bruised and ouchy to the touch.

Last but not least - while driving last Sunday, I poured burning hot coffee into my lap.

Deathly afraid that the sores will get infected, I've been very attentive. There's been band-aids on this spot during the day. At night, I let it air dry. In between, there are multiple applications of witch hazel, electrolized water, lavender oil, and tea tree oil.

What does this stuff do?

Witch hazel is most often used on pimply skin. But it can also soothe and hydrate dry skin. It's an astringent - which is weird, because it hydrates. Ultimately it's a toner; it helps clean my cuts.

Electrolized water works as a wonderful disinfectant. I use BabyFace. It's had amazing results on my face skin, my itchy allergy eyes, AND past cuts, sores, and tattoos.

Lavender oil and tea tree oil are both antiseptic oils. Both - poured straight on open sores - will burn. Although the tea tree is much less painful. Right now, I'm really loving how the tea tree oil is drying out the sores and helping them to scab up. For the last year or so, I've been using both oils - instead of bacitration or neosporin. Each time, they keep my cuts from getting infected.

At the bar the other night, I showed my ex my burn spots. He started teasing me - "Did you put garlic on it and chant for healing?"

There's a reason why healing the natural way - when it's possible - is important.

There's a lot of extra shit in bacitration and neosporin - fillers and preservatives. Essential herbal oils actually HELP the body, while healing specific ailments. There's no extra crap. Considering how many pores are located in the skin - it DOES affect the inside of the body, as well as out.

And that is what made this post an IBS-worthy post.

See the lovely sprite Meghan Telpner for more on this.


What kind of first aid treatment do you use?

What's the most horrible accident you ever had?

How did you heal yourself???


Amber said...

Geez, you poor thing! I'm glad they caught the infection - that's serious stuff my friend!! I can't help but laugh though at the thought of those bumps on your head (I saw this like a comedy sketch). And that coffee burn looks brutal.

I'm super clumsy too.

Think about taking some zinc and vitamin C. Great for healing wounds! I also suggest some raw cocoa butter after the scab is gone. This will help with the scar (

OH, and take some probiotics to offset the intestinal damage from the antibiotics.

You be safe now girl! :-)


P.S. I've had some pretty hairy accidents, but nothing major or any broken bones. About 10 years ago I was snowboarding and hit a patch of ice. I slid right into some trees, my legs crashing all along the way. But nothing broke. Just horribly bruised.

kelli said...

i love your natural remedies!

i've read somewhere to always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil. i use coconut oil but i'm sure any would work (oiive, almond, etc.).

'Drea said...

I've threatened to wrap one of my accident-prone friends in bubble wrap. I think that someone needs to do the same for you...

My worst accidents have involved bicycles but the accidents were decades apart so you win in the frequency category.

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said...

Are you sure we aren't related? I swear we were separated at birth! I walk into EVERYTHING, including walls in the house that have always been there. I am just that awesome! The most hurt I've ever been from an accident was when I was a senior in high school and a piano fell on my foot. Yeah, sounds like a cartoon, but soooo not funny. It crushed my right foot literally shattering my three first toes. Good times! I'm glad you're feeling better and be careful!