Sunday, September 30, 2012

FartyGirl's Fall Favorites

This past week, I watched the farm where I used to live. The plan was to build a fire for old time's sake. But alas it never got cold enough. That didn't stop me from chopping a shitload of wood though!

What is it about splitting wood that I love so much?

According to My Fitness Pal, it burns over 300 calories an hour. 

It's also dangerous. It's also a craft.

I'm small and not very strong. How well I split totally depends on how high I lift the maul, and how well I keep my eye on the log. It's not so much muscle strength that cracks the wood. It's how high, how far, how fast and from where the maul comes down on it.

Growing up a bespectacled skinny allergic-to-everything nerd, it blows my mind that I can split wood. So every time I lift that maul over my head, I'm thinking: RAWRRRR!!! I'M SO AWESOME! RAWWWWRRRR!!!!

Couple a great, all-body exercise with something that soul-satisfying - and you've got a great high.

Here are some other current faves of mine...

 Licorice root has been very soothing for me lately. Whenever I drink too much coffee or cranberry juice, this stuff coats my tummy. It also helps quell the farts!

If you've followed this blog, you know that over the past year, I relapsed and started smoking again for the first time in ten years. Over the past two months I've been working on quitting. The problem is my bowels get addicted to cigarettes. I can't go #2 at all. That means IBS-C. 

Triphala has been a great help in keeping things moving. I take two pills before bed. The very next morning, I am cleansed. This is no senna. This is a very gentle cleanse. It doesn't hurt the tum or guts.

Everybody knows I love my kombucha! IBS-wise, Kombucha helps me deal with elevensies and afternoon tea time. It fills me up like a snack! Anytime I feel tired or sicky - the booch fixes it. 

The new booch with chia is my new BFF. The protein in the chia gives me such a wonderful jolt of energy. The fiber in it makes me go #2. And if you didn't know this already, #2 is the key to beating IBS-C. The more #2s, the less IBS-C.


Look! The Clif bar people decided to grow a pair of balls! Finally! They have given us a gluten-free, soy-free, dairy free date bar. And it TOTALLY puts Larabar to the test. Basically, these things are what Larabars USED to be. They taste wholesome.

 ...Nommed while writing this post!


What are your current fall faves?

What autumnal stuff are you nomming? 

What are your current IBS-fighting tricks?


Eimear said...

I thought you were quitting blogging- I'm so glad you're not. I went a bit lax on my crazy diet over the summer and made my guts worse. Basically since moving back home I started eating normal food to avoi inconveniencing everyone else, i.e. more vegetables and bread. So bad for my guts. I am back to lots of fruit, OJ, milk, gelatin and back on thyroid meds. Feeling buckets better. And I brought in the Big Guns for the IBS-C- cascara sagrada. Have you heard of it? It's like super senna (I tried senna every day for 10 days and it made no difference). Basically I hadn't had a normal shit in months. Cascara put an end to that. Sometimes I get a bit crampy with it, like little bouts of it that last half a minute tops. But honestly I prefer that to the seriously evil constipation. I actually feel semi-normal:D My foodie favs right now are eggs cooked in coconut oil and buckets of salt, and peaches. The apples are nearly ready, and I've already eaten all the plums. Woodchopping sounds amazing:)

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said...

I am totally into my apples right now! We picked a ton of them at the orchard this past weekend and I am eating them like crazy! Hopefully that will also guard me from the fall colds...hopefully! I hope you feel better soon!

Thinking outloud said...

I just want to wish you well on your quest to feel at your best...however your body does it. Everyone has slightly different needs and requirements, nutritional and otherwise. Since we all like giving advice more than receiving it... have you tried the herb "devil's claw" - it sounds ominous and evil but it is not so. I liked opening the cap and adding it to my morning green tea. It doesn't taste too bitter but adds a different flavor. I read it is used against inflammation, to relieve heartburn,to treat upset stomach, loss of appetite, headaches, allergies, and fever. It makes me glad to read about your adventures in gastronomy.