Monday, November 26, 2012

Came a little late to this party...

Apparently, this was discovered in 2005.

CNN posted this two Januarys ago.

So much for my research skillz.

In my history of IBS, I visited two doctors. Both agreed that I have IBS. Neither one suggested antibiotics.

I'm kinda happy about this. Not because I believe that the use of antibiotics is unhealthy. Not because of how I feel about superbugs. Rather, I just don't want to take medicine if I don't have to.

Like Hippocrates said - Let your food be your medicine.

Here are some questions I have:

  • This study refers to IBS as a disease. Does it qualify as a disease? What are the criteria that make it a "disease"?

  • Is it ethical to use antibiotics to treat a condition with so many varied causes and effects?

  • If IBS is a disease, why do some suffer from it only during other illnesses, PMS, and after gastro-intestinal infections?

  • Should women who suffer from IBS during PMS take antibiotics for it?


The NDDIC feels the way I do about this... more studies and tests need to be done.


What do you think???


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Joshua said...

You look like Kristen Shaal. So you haven't been updating in years. How's your colon?